COBRA Buckle Quick-Release Collar


Our products are made with Biothane; A PVC-coated webbing that has the look of leather without the cost. Rest easy knowing you have a waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-resistant material that is soft, flexible, and ultra-durable.

It's time to let your dog be a dog. 

Our AustriAlpin COBRA Buckles are a military-grade buckle that are just as rugged as they are aesthetic. They are a "stab-lock" style buckle that is made to be able to withstand any load. They are hands-down the most popular buckle in our store, especially for families with kiddos in the house. Being a stab-lock buckle, the side-release is a little more "child-proof" than the standard side-release buckles.  
We love how all of our collars look, but the COBRA adds that gnarly, rugged look that pairs perfectly with our ultra-durable collars. 

Please confirm the correct size before ordering. If you are unsure of how to measure your dog's collar, please visit our How-To videos on the "Sizing" Tab of our Homepage Menu. It is the buyer's responsibility to accurately measure their dog's neck before ordering. 

Care: Mild soap + water as needed.