1.5" Slip Collar

Our Biothane slip collars are an alternative to your standard buckle collars. They have the ability to cinch when your dog creates tension in the leash.
Once they release the tension (and ultimately stop pulling), the collar goes back into its relaxed state. 
Some customers prefer slip collars as a stylish alternative to a prong or training collar.

Our 1.5" collars are in the Super Heavy BioThane, a thicker alternative to the standard beta biothane. 
The "Hardware Color" refers to the color of the Chicago screws and D-rings.
Please keep in mind, slip collars are size-specific; You must accurately measure your dog's neck in order to ensure the correct measurement. 
If no measurement is placed in the designated text box, the order will be canceled. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the forms are filled out correctly before purchasing. 

Care: Mild soap + water as needed.