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Center-Ring Buckle Collar | Custom Biothane Dog Collar

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The Classic Buckle Collar is the tongue/belt-buckle collar we all know and love. Every one of these collars are handcrafted with 0.15” thick, buttery-smooth BioThane and the highest quality hardware on the market.


Mild Soap and water as needed to wash away any dirt/debris.
We recommend fully drying off the hardware to fully extend the life of the buckle.

Solid brass hardware is rust-resistant, but may patina over time. A simple diluted lemon-juice solution may be used to polish the solid brass components as needed.


If you aren't sure what your dog's neck measurement is, you may either use the "string" method; Here, you would gently place a string around the dog's neck where their collar typically sits. Please ensure the string is not too tight, allowing for 1-2 finger-breadths beneath the string.

Another method would be to measure their current collar. Lay the collar completely flat next to a tape measure.

For more guidance on how exactly to measure in this way, please feel free to reach out to us in the chat; We'll be happy to assist you further. :)





If there are color combos you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting please reach out to our instagram (@beauandnora), or our email, 

Instagram is the best way to reach out as of now, due to readily being able to access posts/stories with the colors you are interested in. 🤗

Thank you ✨