Slip Leash

We had been searching for leashes that were tough enough to sustain our power chewer, Beau, without breaking the bank. We were sick of overpaying for gear that ultimately would not last and don't think you should, either. 

Our products are made with Biothane; A PVC-coated webbing that has the look of leather without the cost. Rest easy knowing you have a waterproof, stink-proof, and stain-resistant material that is soft, flexible, and ultra-durable.

A slip leash is leash with an expandable loop at one end to be able to accommodate a dog of any size. A sliiding adjuster can slide down to ensure the dog cannot back out of thee leash. It is a simple way to be able to control any dog, with or without a collar. One of the most popular options for the shelters and the dog trainers. :)
Our leashes come standard in 3/4" width biothane material. 5/8" width and 1" is available upon request. 1" material is an upcharge. 
It's time to let your dog be a dog. 

Additional Options:
  • Add a Doo Loop Poop Bag Holder:
    • - One thing we love about being a small business: supporting other small businesses! The Doo-Loop is a small, eco-friendly loop that can clip to your leash, holding your dog’s dirty poop bag so you don’t have to. Once you find a trash can, slide the dirty bag off and off you go. ;)  


*The pictures for "the Doo Loop" provided with owner's permission from their website,