Traffic Lead Training Tab / Short Leash


Whether you have a Great Dane or miniature dachshund, traffic leads are everything. Use them by themselves (honestly a staple in this Great Dane household), or use them as an extender to your leash. These are perfect for situations where you need something quick to grab to keep your dog close. Or, as a quick 1-2 foot extension when your regular leash length just isn't long enough.

All of our traffic leads / training tabs come with a loose O-ring in the event you need to clip your leash, keys, tie out, etc. We also added a sliding tab to cinch the leash just enough to ensure there is no opportunity for little legs to be tangled. 

We also give you the option of selecting both the primary biothane color (of the leash itself), as well as the accent color of the sliding tab. 

Please note: These come in the standard 3/4" width. 1/2"-1" may be available upon request. Please message us first for availability.

Care: Mild soap and water as needed.