Hey, y'all!  We're so glad you're here.

Once upon a time, The Nelson family moved into a nice, quiet, little neighborhood, somewhere in the Florida Panhandle.  Fewer than 2 months later, on Christmas Day, The Rudy family moved in across the street.  And thus began a BEAUTIFUL friendship.  A couple of years later, the Rudys left the Nelsons (I mean, the Army relocated them).  However, they remained great friends.  Then one day, Abigail told Amy, "We bought a dog collar business."   Amy said, "How cool! Good luck."  Some time passed and Abigail called Amy, "This has been amazing, but it's time to start planning our family farm.  It's been a huge blessing to our family, and we believe it would be a blessing to yours as well.  Wanna buy a business?"

We're The Nelsons: David, Amy, Jeremy, Meagan & fur-baby Rio.
David is an Air Force Vet, and retired Radiology Administrator.
Amy is a SAH, homeschooling mama (with lots of customer service experience).
Jeremy & Meagan are the teens.
Rio is our rescue mutt.  We're still deciding on her title for the company.  How does Retail Innovation Officer sound?  Has a nice ring to it, I think.

Our promise to you is to continue the FANTASTIC customer and quality service you've come to love from the Rudys.  We've worked (and are still working) closely with learning EVERYTHING Beau & Nora.

Rio's story only dates back to 2020.  Her mama was found on the side of the road pregnant.  She was taken in by a rescue and given to a friend to foster.  We met Rio when she was just 3 weeks old and immediately staked our claim.  She became ours full time at 8 weeks old and has been an amazing addition to our family.