Meet the Makers


This is us: Beau, Landen, Christine & Nora...The perfect blend of grit & grace.

It’s always so funny to answer the question, “how did you get started?”

Or, my favorite:

”Dog collars, huh?”

Yes, dog collars. Honestly, if you would’ve asked us either of us that question (even Jan 2020), we would’ve giggled, too.

But, life does funny things!

Puppy fever was rampant in our home, and I told my husband I fell in love with a Great Dane puppy.

To my (& Beau’s) surprise, he drove to pick her up the next day. ❤️
Love (+ COVID) were in the air, so our little family was stuck at home for quarantine. 

We made durable accessory bands for our spunky fur children and had a blast doing it, together. 
Something completely out of our comfort zone as a medical student and a carpenter/wood-worker/welder:

Dog Collars.

We shared the idea with you all, and now have grown to have SUCH an amazing community. ❤️ We have been so blessed.

Blessed to be able to spoil your doggos with gear that fits their spunky, playful personalities.. and can last the play date, too.

To give back for saving our sweet boy, Beau, we proudly support local rescue efforts. 

For the love of dogs,