What is the Difference between the Fi Layered Quick Release Buckles and the All-In-One Fi + E-Collar Compatible Bands?

  • The Fi Layered Quick Release Buckles may be made with the Super Heavy Biothane, 1” width, and in set lengths to accommodate the Fi module only


I don’t see a color on the menu. Should I just send you a note of what I want?

  • Please note, if an option is not listed on the drop down menu, it is likely out of stock or only made in a thicker material NOT compatible with most e-collar modules.


What E-Collar Modules will this accommodate?

  • Most have the Educator Technologies Mini Educator Series, most* PetSpy E-collar Modules, Dogtra modules*, etc. We strongly encourage to either reach out before ordering and/or to order a set of sample color swatches to see if the Biothane tabs will fit through your module.
  • To our knowledge, the Garmin Sport Pro* Series has been the only one that the standard biothane has not been compatible with.
    • If you do have the Garmin series, please reach out PRIOR to ordering. There is a specific set of colors that will have to be used for this series.
  • The E-Collar Boss Series and most Dogtra* Series have a 1” width band. Please reach out prior to ordering to ensure your band is made accordingly.


We have an Invisible Fence module. Can I have it be made for this, instead?

  • Absolutely! However, this requires a specific hole spacing and should be address prior to ordering your collar.


Can you add a bungee in my collar?

  • We have added bungees into collars. However, this listing specifically will not be uploaded until June. If you would like it before that time, you can add the “Custom Order Inquiry” to your cart, in addition, to ensure it will be accommodated for to the best of our ability.


How do I know how much of a measurement to add for my e-collar?

  • This measurement should be the same for your dog’s specific e-collar measurement. If you are unsure, we recommend measuring where you typically have your dog’s e-collar sit on their neck, ensuring it is not too tight.


Can you add rhinestones to my All-In-One Collar?

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to add rhinestones to the All-In-One or E-collar bands due to the way the E-collar module must slide into place. 


Where does the heatstamp go on the collar?

  • It will likely go across the Primary Band color along the top or bottom of the adjustment section. Please note this is a case-by-case basis and may be different slightly depending on the order. 


Why didn’t my collar come with a Fi Dogs GPS Tracker and/or an E-collar module?

  • This is a Fi Dog’s GPS Tracker Compatible/Accessory Band that will fit your existing Fi Module. The Fi GPS Tracker Module must be purchased separately from You may use code “Beau50” for $50 off your Fi Dogs Tracker. 
  • The ecollar modules must be purchased separately from a reputable source. Most of our Beau & Nora pack has had the most success with the Educator and Dogtra Series bands. We are not affiliated with either company. Please visit their websites for details on their products.