What is the Difference between the Fi Layered Quick Release Buckles and the Fi + E-Collar Combo Compatible Bands?

  • The Fi Layered Quick Release Buckles may be made with the Super Heavy Biothane, 1” width, and in set lengths to accommodate the Fi module only. All E-collar compatible bands must be made with 3/4" standard Biothane to fit your module.


I don’t see a color on the menu. Should I just send you a note of what I want?

  • Please note, if an option is not listed on the drop down menu, it is likely out of stock or only made in a thicker material NOT compatible with most e-collar modules.


What E-Collar Modules will this accommodate?

  • Most Educator Technologies Mini Educator Series, most PetSpy E-collar Modules, most Dogtra modules, etc. We strongly encourage to either reach out before ordering and/or to order a set of sample color swatches to see if the Biothane tabs will fit through your specific module.
  • To our knowledge, the Garmin Sport Pro Series has been the only one that the standard biothane has not been compatible with.
    • If you do have the Garmin series, please reach out PRIOR to ordering. There is a specific set of colors that will have to be used for this series.
  • The E-Collar Boss Series and most Dogtra Series have a 1” width band. Please reach out prior to ordering to ensure your band is made accordingly.


We have an Invisible Fence module. Can I have it be made for this, instead?

  • Absolutely! However, this requires a specific hole spacing and should be address prior to ordering your collar.


    How do I know how much of a measurement to add for my e-collar?

    • This measurement should be the same for your dog’s specific e-collar measurement. If you are unsure, we recommend measuring where you typically have your dog’s e-collar sit on their neck, ensuring it is not too tight. You can also measure your current e-collar for an accurate measurement. 


    Where does the heatstamp go on the collar?

    • It will likely go across the Primary Band color along the top or bottom of the adjustment section. Please note this is a case-by-case basis and may be different slightly depending on the order. 


    Why didn’t my collar come with a Fi Dogs GPS Tracker and/or an E-collar module?

    • This is a Fi Dog’s GPS Tracker Compatible/Accessory Band that will fit your existing Fi Module. The Fi GPS Tracker Module must be purchased separately from You may use code “Beau50” for $50 off your Fi Dogs Tracker. 
    • The e-collar modules must be purchased separately from a reputable source. Most of our Beau & Nora pack has had the most success with the Educator and Dogtra Series bands. We are not affiliated with either company. Please visit their websites for details on their products.