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Beau & Nora

AirTag Layered Buckle Collar

Keep tabs on your pup's whereabouts in fashion with our custom AitTag collars! This buckle collar version is lighter in weight due to only having a tongue buckle and no quick-release option. This is also our best option for small dogs, with fewer features to fit onto one collar. These AirTag collars are modeled after our Fi-compatible collars. With the layered effect (having a layer of BioThane under your AirTag holder), you don't have to worry about the holder rubbing your pup's neck or pulling their hair. These collars are made with SNAPS to easily remove your AirTag holder. This also allows you to switch out your holder whenever you'd like! Since we do not keep any particular holders in stock, please include the link to your desired holder with your order (you will be prompted to do so) and we will order that for you! Should the holder be more expensive than usual, we will simply invoice you for the difference. 

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If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at