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beau & nora

Fi Dogs GPS Layered Quick Release Collar

Where safety meets trendy. These collars will be ready for you to attach your Fi Digs GPS module (sold separately).

You can select up to 3 colors:

1) Primary Color : Longest band of the collar. The Fi module will sit on top of this section. 

2) Secondary Color : Small section between the belt buckle and the quick-release buckle. Please note, this section may be hidden depending on how much excess you have left on the collar. 

3) Fi Endlink Loop Color : The endlink loop color that will hold the organic Fi module endlinks in place. These will ultimately border your Fi module. (Please note: You are NOT able to select the color of the Fi Endlinks themselves. These are a product of Fi Dogs and are not able to be colored in any way.) 

These collars will be made in the “double buckle” style; They have both a (tongue) buckle for adjustability, as well as a quick release buckle for the quick on/off feature.

The Fi Dogs endlinks will be placed on top of the collar in the “layered” fashion. Yes, YOU CAN still charge the module this way! 


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If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at


Mild Soap and water as needed to wash away any dirt/debris.
We recommend fully drying off the hardware to fully extend the life of the buckle.

Solid brass hardware is rust-resistant, but may patina over time. A simple diluted lemon-juice solution may be used to polish the solid brass components as needed.


If you aren't sure what your dog's neck measurement is, you may either use the "string" method; Here, you would gently place a string around the dog's neck where their collar typically sits. Please ensure the string is not too tight, allowing for 1-2 finger-breadths beneath the string.

Another method is to measure their current collar. Lay the collar completely flat next to a tape measure.

For more guidance on how exactly to measure in this way, please feel free to reach out to us via email at