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beau & nora

Custom Biothane Leash

Our Standard Biothane Leashes are crafted with luxurious, buttery-soft Biothane- a durable leather alternative.
Each leash is finished with our thoughtfully-sourced solid brass hardware to provide a rust-free, durable leash that will withstand even the toughest of pullers.
The clasp of the leash is composed of a solid brass lever snap for a sleek, sturdy finish.
We prefer lever snaps over trigger snaps as the dog is less likely to be able to flip these levers off.
For reference, a 6ft leash with a lever snap is 6.7 oz,  making them light enough for even the smallest of breeds.

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If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at


Mild Soap and water as needed to wash away any dirt/debris.
We recommend fully drying off the hardware to fully extend the life of the buckle.

Solid brass hardware is rust-resistant, but may patina over time. A simple diluted lemon-juice solution may be used to polish the solid brass components as needed.