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beau & nora

E-Collar Trainer Compatible Quick Release Collar

These are custom e-collar bands that allow you to add a little fun and flair to your e-collar training.

For these e-collar bands, you will receive a quick-release option collar (with the buckle option of your choice), that will also have a standard tongue buckle built-in. Instead of the standard adjustable (side-release) collar style, this collar will also have a tongue buckle portion. You can use these holes, spaced 3/8" apart, to find the sweet spot for your dog and module, secure it, and then use the quick-release buckle to put the collar on/off. 

Please see our text about all our e-collars as well as our sizing guide for more information on how to get the most accurate measurement possible. 

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If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at

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