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Beau & Nora

Fi GPS + E-collar Compatible Buckle Collar | Combo Collar

Here you have your e-collar training module AND your existing Fi Dogs GPS module all on one beautiful band. No need for two different collars weighing your pup down or rubbing their necks. The Fi + E Buckle collar is wonderful for smaller dogs as it has less hardware and weighs much less than our Fi + E Quick Release version.  

You can select up to 2 colors:

1) Primary Color : Longest band of the collar. The Fi module will sit on top of this section. 

2) Fi Endlink Loop Color : The endlink loop color that will hold the organic Fi module endlinks in place. These will ultimately border your Fi module. (Please note: You are NOT able to select the color of the Fi Endlinks themselves. These are a product of Fi Dogs and are not able to be colored in any way.) 

These e-collar bands will be made with standard beta biothane. This is because the super heavy biothane is thicker, and therefore harder to weave through the module. MOST e-modules take 3/4" width, but there are some that take 1". PLEASE ensure the width your device takes prior to ordering. You are responsible for ensuring your band is the right width. 

We use your dog’s neck measurement to ensure your collar will be able to accommodate the e-collar module, with a bit of “wiggle room” (usually at about 2" in either direction- if you desire more flexibility than this, please make inform us in the comments section of your order). Typically, the same 2-finger width you add to your pup's actual neck to determine their neck size for a collar will be the same amount of space the prongs of your e-module will take up when making good contact with your dog's skin. To be sure though, measuring an existing e-collar band, with the e-module OFF the band, will give you the exact measurement needed. Please see our sizing guide for more information on how to do this correctly. Please note that the smaller your dog's neck size, the harder this collar is to make due to how many different components are involved. We space the holes on this collar 3/8" apart in order to ensure the most precise fit possible.

The Fi Dogs endlinks will be placed on top of the collar in the “layered” fashion. Yes, YOU CAN typically still charge the module this way! In the case of smaller neck sizes, however, we may need to shorten your Fi endloops to one screw instead of two. If we do so for a Series 3 collar, you may need to remove one end of your module from its endlink to charge. This is a very quick and easy thing to do and should not cause any problems. 

Please note, if you have a PetSpy 620 module, it will be made in a different style. Please email us at or send us a message for details on this or any questions in general. 


Color Chart



If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at