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Beau & Nora

Multi-Function Leash

Need a leash? No problem! Need to go hands-free? No problem! Want to go for a run with your pup? No problem!

By clipping into the top (fixed) D-ring, you will have yourself a leash with a traditional handle. Clip into the (adjustable) O-ring to wear this leash around your waist or cross-body to go hands-free! By sliding the double loops up and down the leash, this leash can fit most anybody. To make this leash even more custom to your needs, please choose any of the add-ons, such as additional (fixed) D-rings or a fixed traffic handle at the end.

Our new multi-function leash does it all. With so many uses, get one to add to your collection today!

**Measurement Tip: Use a string around your body/waist to create a mock-up for your desired leash length. For example, wearing the leash cross-body requires around five-feet of leash (worn loosly and depending on body frame). Please consider how far away you'd like your dog to be for whatever you use the leash (running, walking, etc.). Simply measure the string and place your order for the appropriate length once you have a good fitment. We are happy to make a custom length if you desire, and please make a note of your specific needs in the order comments section.** 

PLEASE NOTE: Our leash lengths and measurements include the size of the snaps. 


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If there are any color combinations you are interested in seeing, or a specific color you are wanting, please reach out via email at

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